This forum was created for news and support while the Frihost and FFS Forums were down and Server 1 with the Forum hosting accounts on it was still up and running. The ending was obviously predictable, but it's still sad news when Frihost Server 1 finally came to an end on Valentines Day - 14 February 2019.

Our heartfelt thanks to Bondings for supporting us for a very long time with providing free hosting to those who could not afford it, long after he stopped being involved with Frihost. Not only did he continue to provide free hosting, but the hosting was of the best quality ever on a 5-star cpanel server with Hetzner. Specs were enormous and for the period January 2015 to 14 February 2019 we rarely had a down time on the server. We're sad Bondings stopped communicating with us, but wish him the best wherever he is and with whatever projects he is involved with.

For those who are curious about the last days of Frihost - here's a blog article I wrote at

If you are looking to contact me, you'll find me at either (genesis) or (deanhills).

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